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Inaugural Issue – September 1998

Mental Health Promotion: Problems and Possibilities David Seedhouse, pps 5-14

Mental Health Promotion: People, Power and Passion Natacha Joubert and John Raeburn, pps 15-22

Prevention Major Depression by Promotion Emotion Regulation: A Conceptual Framework and Some Practical Tools Ricardo F. Muñoz, pps 23-40

Mental Health Promotion: What It Is, What It Is Not Dr John Orley and Rhona Birrell Nelson, pps 41-44

Volume 1, Issue 1: January 1999

‘Mental Health’: A Contested Concept Sandy Herron and Rebecca Mortimer, pps 4-8

Mental Health Promotion in a Rural Context: Research and Realities from a Community-Based Initiative in Northern Ireland Margaret M. Barry, Elaine O’Doherty and Ann Doherty, pps 9-14

Stress in the Workplace: A Risk Assessment Approach to Reduction of Risk Rebecca J. Lancaster and Elizabeth Burtney, pps 15-20

Weaving in the Threads of Mental Health Promotion in South Australia Adrian Booth and Angela Burford, pps 21-25

‘Just Because I Like it Doesn’t Mean it has to Work’: Personal Experiences of an Antenatal Psychosocial Intervention Designed to Prevent Postnatal Depression Sandra L. Wheatley and T. S. Brugha, pps 26-31

Social Integration and Mental Health Promotion Odd Steffen Dalgard, pps 32-37

Mental Health Promotion Theory and Practice: Insights from a Literature Review Natasha Mauthner, Michael Killoran-Ross and Jane Brown, pps 37-43

Volume 1, Issue 2: April 1999

The Value of Model Programmes in Mental Health Promotion and Mental Disorder Prevention Clemens M. H. Hosman and M. Claire L. J. Engels, pps 4-17

Commentaries: John M. Raeburn and Irving Rootman; Beverley Raphael, pps18-21

What Public Health Could (Belatedly) Contribute to Mental Health Promotion Bret Hart, pps 22-29

From the Margins to the Mainstream: The Public Health Potential of Mental Health Promotion Lynne Friedli, pps 30-36

Problems, Possibilities, People Power and Passion: What Mental Health Promotion is and What it is not: A Response to the Inaugural Issue Glenn MacDonald, pps 37-43

Volume 1, Issue 3: July 1999

Implementing Mental Health Promotion: A Health Education and Promotion Perspective Gerho Kok, pps 4-10

Commentaries: Eero Lahtinen: Michael Killoran-Ross, pps 11-15

Promoting Mental Health in Zululand, South Africa Steven D. Edwards, pps 16-21

Operationalising Mental Health: A Theoretical Basis Dennis R. Trent and Sandy Herron, pps 22-26

Response: Philosophy Matters in Mental Health Promotion David Seedhouse, pps 27-32

Research and Evaluation in the Field of Primary Prevention: A Problem Area Alfred Uhl, pps 33-44

Volume 1, Issue 4: October 1999

Partnerships with Parents to Promote Healthy Development Lynne A. Bond, pps 4-13

Commentary: Kathleen Stacey, pps 14-15

Mental Health Promotion and Prison Health Care Staff in Young Offender Institutions in England Lisa Bird, Paul Hayton, Martin Caraher, Hilary McGough and Clive Tobutt, pps 16-24

Book Review by Margaret M. Barry: People-Centred Health Promotion by John Raeburn and Irving Rootman, p25

Population Health Approaches to Defining the Mental Health Problems of Australian Adolescents Roberto Forero and Adrian Bauman, pps 26-33

The ‘Health Promoting University’ as a Framework for Promoting Positive Mental Well-Bing: A Discourse on Theory and Practice Mark Dooris, pps 34-44

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