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Volume 3, Issue 1: January 2001

Introduction: Mental Health Promotion: Perspectives and Practices Margaret M. Barry, pps 4-7

Emerging Perspectives on Mental Health Rachel Jenkins with Ville Lahtinen and Eeor Lahtinen, pps 8-12

Community Approaches to Mental Health Promotion John Raeburn, pps 13-19

Mental Health Promotion: Perspectives and Practices Lynne Friedli, pps 20-24

Promoting Positive Mental Health: Theoretical Frameworks for Practice Margaret M. Barry, pps 25-34

Promoting the Best Ourselves: Mental Health Promotion in Canada Natacha Joubert, pps 35-40

Volume 3, Issue 2: June 2001

Why did they Graduate? A Pilot Study Considering Resilience among Inner-City Youth Cindy M. Schaeffer, Andrew Stolbach, Nancy A. Tashman, Olga M. Acosta and Mark D. Weist, pps 8-15

Commentaries: Glenn MacDonald; Eva Jane-Llopis, pps 16-23

Book Review by Michael Murray: Settings for Health Promotion: Linking Theory and Practice, Edited by Blake D. Poland, Lawrence W. Green and Irving Rootman, pps 24-25

Network Groups for Older People who have Lost Their Spouse John Ivar Brevik, Odd Steffen Dalgard and Helge Brunn, pps 26-30

Report: Inaugural World Conference on Mental Health Promotion and Prevention of Mental and Behavioural Disorders Clemens M. H. Hosman and Michael Murray, pps 31-36

‘Why Would I Want to Kill Myself?’ Self-harm as an Adaptive Response: Young Women’s Views Kathryn Kinmond, pps 37-44

Volume 3, Issue 3: September 2001

A Developmental Perspective on Children’s Exposure to Stressful Life Events: Implications of Mental Health Promotion Moshe Israelashvili, pps 5-10

Commentary: A Developmental Perspective on Children’s Exposure to Stressful Life Events: Implications for Mental Health Promotion Bret Hart, pps 11-15

Commentary: Life Events and Resilience among School Age Children and Adolescents Chris Gilleard, p16

Early Vulnerability and Pragmatic Interventions to Prevent Schizophrenic Disorders Alessandro Grispinin, pps 17-24

Social Exclusion and Mental Health Promotion: An Inextricable Link? Michael Murray, pps 25-32

Work Positive – Prioritising Organisational Stress: A Stress Management Resource Pack for SMEs Rebecca Lancaster, pps 33-39

Volume 3, Issue 4: November 2001

Promoting Mental Health: Community Effects of the Exercise Experience Steve Edwards, pps 7-15

‘Mum, I Used to be Good Looking… Look at Me Now’: The Physical Health Needs of Adults with Mental Health Problems: The Perspectives of Users, Carers and Front-Line Staff Judy Dean, Gillian Todd, Hannah Morrow and Kate Sheldon, pps 16-24

Social Capital – A Relevant Concept for Mental Health Promotion in the Workplace? Lou Morrow, pps 25-28

Developing a National Strategy for Mental Health Promotion Richard Berry, pps 29-34

Building Bridges between Mental Health and Education Katherine Weare, pps 25-44

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