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Chronic Social Stress in the Community and Associations with Psychological Distress: A Social Psychological Perspective Maurice B. Mittelmark, Leif Edvard Aarø, Sigrun G. Henriksen, Johan Siqveland and Torbjørn Torsheim, pps 5-17

Mental Health Promotion: Researching a Model for Curricular Development Judith Lee and David Bamford, pps 18-24

Psychological Well-Being and Physical Self-Esteem in Sport and Exercise David J. Edwards, Stephen D. Edwards and Clive J. Basson, pps 25-32

Evidence, Policies and Practices: Continuities and Discontinuities in Mental Health Promotion in a Developing Country Leslie Swartz, Mark Tomlinson and Mireille Landman, pps 33-38

Resiliency, Connectivity and Environments: Their Roles in Theorising Approaches to Promoting the Well-Being of Young People Tim McCreanor and Peter Watson, pps 39-42

Volume 6, Issue 2: May 2004

Promoting the Growth, Improvement and Sustainability of School Mental Health Programs Worldwide Louise Rowling and Mark Weist, pps 3-11

Developing an International Mental Health Promotion Programme for Young Children Chris Bale and Brian Mishara, pps 12-16

Implementation of a School-Based Mental Health Promotion Programme in Ireland Mary Byrne, Margaret Barry and Anne Sheridan, pps 17-25

A Framework for School-Based Mental Health Promotion with Bicultural Latino Children: Building on Strengths to Promote Resilience Caroline S. Clauss-Ehlers, pps 26-33

The Sustainability of Mentally Healthy Schools Initiatives: Insights from the Experiences of a Co-Educational Secondary School in Aotearoa/New Zealand Pauline Dickinson, Glenda Neilson and Margaret Agee, pps 34-39

Differences Between Novice and Expert Teachers’ Undergraduate Preparation and Ratings of Importance in the Area of Children’s Mental Health James R. Koller, Steven J. Osterlind, Kami Paris and Karen J. Weston, pps 40-45

Teachers as Facilitators of Student Participation in School Mental Health Promotion Torbjørn Torsheim and Oddrun Samdal, pps 46-52

Building a Sustainable Approach to Mental Health Work in Schools Katherine Weare and Michael Murray, pps 53-59

Volume 6, Issue 3: August 2004

The Prevention of Depressive Symptoms in Rural School Children: A Follow-up Study Clare Roberts, Robert Kane, Brian Bishop, Heather Matthews and Helen Thomson, pps 4-16

Universal School-based Approaches to Preventing Adolescent Depression: Past Findings and Future Directions of the Resourceful Adolescent Program Ian M. Shochet and David Ham, pps 17-25

Promoting and Building Resilience in Primary School Communities: Evidence from a Comprehensive ‘Health Promoting School’ Approach Donald Stewart, Jing Sun, Carla Patterson, Kate Lemerle and Michael Hardie, pps 26-33

Validated Guidelines for School-Based Bullying Prevention and Management Donna Cross, Yolanda Pintabona, Margaret Hall, Greg Hamilton and Erin Erceg, pps 34-42

Volume 6, Issue 4: November 2004

Local Community Mobilisation and Mental Health Promotion Tom Sørensen, Arne Mastekaasa, Robert Kleiner, Inger Sandanger, Nils Bøe and Olav Martin Klepp, pps 5-16

Ubuntu: a Cultural Method of Mental Health Promotion Steve Edwards, Nomahlubi Makunga, Siphiwe Ngcobo and Mbaliyezwa Dhlomo, pps 17-22

Educating Young People about Mental Health and Mental Illness: Evaluating a School-Based Programme Debra Rickwood, Sarah Cavanagh, Leigh Curtis and Rebecca Sakrouge, pps 23-32

Missing Data in the Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect (CIS): Relevance to Mental Health Promotion L Tonmyr, pps 33-40

A Service User-Led Study Promoting Mental Well-Being for the General Public, Using Rhythms Dance Sarah Cook and Karen Ledger, pps 41-51

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