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Promoting Children’s Mental Health: The European Early Promotion Project (EEPP) Hilton Davis and John Tsiantis, pps 4-16

The European Early Promotion Project: Description of the Service and Evaluation Study Kaija Puura, Hilton Davis, Antony Cox, John Tsiantis et al, pps 17-31

The Sociocultural Context of the European Early Promotion Project Thalia Dragonas, Christine Dimitrakaki, Lila Zacharaki, Rosemarie Roberts et al, pps 32-40

Training for Primary Health Care Practitioners Effie Layiou-Lignos, John Tsiantis, Hilton Davis, Nenad Rudic, Kaija Puura et al, pps 41-53

The Effects of the European Early Promotion Project Training on Primary Health Care Professionals Kalliroi Papadopoulou, Christine Dimitrakaki, Hilton Davis, John Tsiantis et al, pps 54-62

Child and Family Outcomes of the European Early Promotion Project Hilton Davis, Tony Dusoir, Kalliroi Papadopoulou, Christine Dimitrakaki et al, pps 63-81

The Outcome of the European Early Promotion Project: Mother–Child Interaction Kaija Puura, Hilton Davis, Mirjami Mäntymaa, Tuula Tamminen et al, pps 82-94

Primary Prevention of Child Mental Health Problems using Primary Health Care Professionals: Cost Comparisons Martin Knapp, Barbara Barrett, Sarah Byford Angela Hallam et al, pps 95 -102

EEPP: Conclusions, Implications and Future Directions John Tsiantis, Kalliroi Papadopoulou, Hilton Davis and Merja-Maria Turunen, pps 103-110

Volume 7, Issue 2: May 2005

Specificity in the Relationships Between Stressors and Depressed Mood Among Adolescents: The Roles of Gender and Self-Efficacy Delia Bancila and Maurice B. Mittelmark, pps 4-14

Alone in Canada: A Case Study of Multi-Lingual Mental Health Promotion Laura Simich, Jacqueline Scott and Branka Agic, pps 15-23

Research with Immigrant Populations: The Application of an Ecological Framework to Mental Health Research with Immigrant Populations Mirsad Serdarevic and Krista M. Chronister, pps 24-34

An Evaluation of beyondblue, Australia’s National Depression Initiative Jane Pirkis, Ian Hickie, Leonie Young, Jane Burns, Nicole Highet and Tracey Davenport, pps 35-53

Preventing Toddler Externalising Behaviour Problems: Pilot Evaluation of a Universal Parenting Program Harriet Hiscock, Jordana Bayer and Melissa Wake, pps 54-60

Volume 7 Issue 3: August 2005

Social Exclusion and Resilience as Frameworks of Stress and Coping among Selected Non-dominant Groups Yoshitaka Iwasaki, Judith Bartlett, Kelly MacKay, Jennifer Mactavish and Janice Ristock , pps 4-17

Promoting Mental Health: A Call for a Multicultural Human Movement Perspective Stephen D. Edwards and Kenneth R Fox, pps 18-29

Promoting the Social and Emotional Health of Primary School-Aged Children: Reviewing the Evidence Base for School-Based Interventions Julie Green, Faline Howes, Elizabeth Waters, Elise Maher and Frank Oberklaid, pps 30-36

Development of a Stress Management Programme – Learn Young, Learn Fair – for Fifth and Sixth Formers in The Netherlands Using Intervention Mapping Gerda Kraag, Gerjo Kok, Huda Huijer Abu-Saad, Petra Lamberts and Minne Fekkes, pps 37-44

Volume 7 Issue 4: November 2005

The Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect: Implications for Federal Responses to Child Maltreatment Wendy Hovdestad, Lil Tonmyr, David Hubka & Richard De Marco, pps 6-13

The Implications of an Evolutionary Perspective on Mental Health Promotion Andrew Joyce, Peter Howat and Bruce Maycock, pps 14-22

Evaluation of a Community Networking Initiative for Parents with Infants Stephen Matthey and Bryanne Barnett, pps 23-29

A Psychology of Breathing Methods Steve Edwards, pps 30-36

Promoting Recovery and Addressing Stigma: Mental Health Awareness through Community Development in a Low-Income Area Neil Quinn and Lee Knifton, pps 37-44

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