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Volume 11, Issue 1: February 2009

Early Childhood Aetiology of Internalising Difficulties: A Longitudinal Community Study
Jordana K. Bayer, Ann V. Sanson and Sheryl A. Hemphill, pps 4-14

Gateways to Mental Illness Discourse: Tools for Talking with Teenagers
Emma Lindley, pps 15-22

Older Audiences’ Responses to Mental Health Promotion Messages
Simone Pettigrew and Robert Donovan, pps 23-31

Promoting Mental Health and Preventing Mental Disorder among Refugees in Western Countries
Karin Johansson Blight, Solvig Ekblad, Fredrik Lindencrona and Shervin Shahnavaz, pps 32-44

Volume 11, Issue 2: May 2009

Coping and Learning Processes in Exchange of Support in Confident Dyads
Gabrielle Holmefjord and Maurice Mittelmark, pps 4-12

Community Gatekeepers’ Advice to Young People to Seek Help from Mental Health Professionals: Youth Workers and Sport Coaches
Kelly R. Mazzer and Debra J. Rickwood, pps 13-23

Walking for Wellness: Using Pedometers to Decrease Sedentary Behaviour and Promote Mental Health
Carolyn S. Dewa, Wayne deRuiter, Nancy Chau and Kim Karioja, pps 24-28

Service Strategies for Engaging Fathers in the Perinatal Period – What Have we Learned so Far?
Stephen Matthey, Richard Fletcher and Rebecca Reay, pps 29-41

Use of a Web-Based Delphi Study in the Devel-opment of a Training Resource for Workers Supporting Families where Parents Experience Mental Illness
Justine N Whitham, Kylie Eddy, Darryl Maybery, Andrea Reupert and Elizabeth Fudge, pps 42-52

Volume 11, Issue 3: August 2009

Addressing the Determinants of Positive Mental Health: Concepts, Evidence and Practice
Margaret M. Barry, pps 4-17

Restructuring Society in the Service of Mental Health Promotion: Are we Willing to Address the Social Determinants of Mental Health?
Dennis Raphael, pps 18-31

From Thought to Action in School Mental Health Promotion
Mark D. Weist, Carl E. Paternite, Denise Wheatley-Rowe and Gail Gall, pps 32-41

Psychological Safety at Work: Emergence of a Corporate and Social Agenda in Canada
Martin Shain, pps 42-48

Making an Economic Case for Prevention and Promotion
Martin Knapp and David McDaid, pps 49-56

Volume 11, Issue 4: November 2009

Differences in the Association between Social Support and Mental Health in a Multi-Cultural Population in Israel
Orna Baron-Epel, pps 5-14

Safety, Feasibility and Family Experiences of Preventive Interventions for Children and Families with Parental Depression
Tytti Solantaus, Sini Toikka, Maarit Alasuutari, William R Beardslee and E Juulia Paavonen, pps 15-24

The Experience of Loneliness: Main and Interactive Effects of Interpersonal Stress, Social Support and Positive Affect
Mette M Aanes, Maurice B Mittelmark and Jørn Hetland, pps 25-33

Critical Evaluation of the Mental Health Literacy Framework Using Qualitative Data
Nicola Coe, pps 34-44

Citizenship and Recovery for Everyone: A Global Model of Public Mental Health
Jean-François Pelletier, Larry Davidson and Jean-Luc Roelandt with the collaboration of Nicolas Daumerie, pps 45-53

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