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Volume 12, Issue 1: February 2010

Editorial, pps 2-4

Predicting Mid-Childhood Internalising Symptoms: A Longitudinal Community Study
Jordana K Bayer, Paul D Hastings, Ann V Sanson, Obioha C Ukoumunne and Kenneth H Rubin, pps 5-17

How Positive Psychosocial Work Factors may Promote Self-Efficacy and Mental Health among Psychiatric Nurses
Steffen Torp, Asbjørn Grimsmo and Ole Jakob Bredrup, pps 18-28

Beardslee’s Preventive Family Intervention for Children of Mentally Ill Parents: A Swedish National Survey
Heljä Pihkala, Anita Cederström and Mikael Sandlund, pps 29-38

‘Just Bloody Fat!’: A Qualitative Study of Body Image, Self-Esteem and Coping in Obese Adults
Samantha Thomas, Asuntha Karunaratne, David Castle, Sophie Lewis, Natalie Knoesen, Roberta Honigman, Jim Hyde, Rick Kausman and Paul Komesaroff, pps 39-49

ANNOUNCEMENT: 4th IUHPE Latin American Conference on Health Promotion and Health Education – Medellín, Colombia – November 4-7, 2009 Medellín Declaration (page 50)

Volume 12, Issue 2: May 2010

Editorial, pps 2-3

Are Worries, Satisfaction with Oneself and Outlook in Secondary School Students Associated with Mental Health in Early Adulthood?
Pirjo Kinnunen, Eila Laukkanen, Pirjo Pölkki and Jari Kylmä, pps 4-10

The Role of Music in a Salutogenic Approach to Health
Kari Batt-Rawden, pps 11-18

Healing Through Writing: Insights from Research
Dilwar Hussain, pps 19-23

‘My Happiest Moment is when I have Food in Stock’: poor Women in Northern Ghana Talking about their Happiness
Torill Bull, Mary Duah-Owusu and Crystal Autry Andvik, pps 24-31

Evaluating the Impact of the Winning New Jobs Programme on the Re-employment and Mental Health of a Mixed Profile of Unemployed People
Colette Reynolds, Margaret M Barry and Saoirse Nic Gabhainn, pps 32-41

ANNOUNCEMENT: International momentum to act on the social determinants of health inequalities: Announcing outcomes from the DETERMINE Consortium (page 42)

Volume 12, Issue 3: August 2010

Editorial, pps 2-4

A Qualitative Study of Health Professionals Involved in the Care and Treatment of Women with Postnatal Emotional Distress
Justin Bilszta, Jennifer Ericksen, Anne Buist and Jeannette Milgrom, pps 5-13

Effects of a Psycho-Social Support Programme for Young Men – Randomised Trial of the Time Out! Getting Life Back on Track Programme
Kaija Appelqvist-Schmidlechner, Maila Upanne, Markus Henriksson, Kai Parkkola and Eija Stengård, pps 14-24

Mental Disorder in Children Attending a Child Psychiatric Clinic at the General Paediatric Hospital in Baghdad
Abdul Kareem AlObaidi, Leslie Scarth and Kedar Nath Dwivedi, pps 25-31

Promoting Youth Mental Health through Computer-Mediated Communication
Debra J Rickwood, pps 32-44

The Use of Singing in a Group as a Response to Adverse Life Events
Genevieve von Lob, Paul Camic and Stephen Clift, pps 45-53

ANNOUNCEMENT: Sixth World Conference on the Promotion of Mental Health and Prevention of Mental and Behavioral Disorders, p 54

FROM IUHPE: Closing Remarks from the new IUHPE President, Michael Sparks, at the IUHPE 20th World Conference on Health Promotion, pps 55-56

Volume 12, Issue 4: November 2010

SPECIAL ISSUE: The CAMHEE (Child and Adolescent Mental Health in the Enlarged European Union: Development of effective policies and services) Project

Editorial, p2

Child and Adolescent Mental Health in the Enlarged European Union: Overview of the CAMHEE Project
Dainius Puras, Gerasimos Kolaitis and John Tsiantis, pps 3-9

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Policies, Programmes and Infrastructures across Europe
Vanesa Carral Bielsa, Fleur Braddick, Eva Jané-Llopis, Rachel Jenkins and Dainius Puras, pps 10-26

Caring for Children of Parents with Mental Health Problems – A Venture into Historical and Cultural Processes in Europe
Tytti Solantaus and Dainius Puras, pps 27-36

Making the Case for Investing in Child and Adolescent Mental Health: How can Economics Help?
David McDaid, A-La Park, Martin Knapp, Carolin Losert and Reinhold Kilian, pps 37-44

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Problems: An Updated Review of Literature
Reinhold Kilian, Carolin Losert, A-La Park, David McDaid and Martin Knapp, pps 45-57

Patterns of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Care in Greece
Gerasimos Kolaitis, Constantinos Fissas, Stylianos Christogiorgos, Harisios Asimopoulos, Alkis Tsiantis and John Tsiantis, pps 58-64

John Tsiantis, Dainius Puras and Gerasimos Kolaitis, pps 65-66


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